Hostgator Web Host Review

Founded way back in 2012, Hostgator traversed a swift journey to become one of the most in-demand web hosting companies across the globe. Their trustworthy customer service, impeccable web hosting services, and amazing shared hosting plans have made them the favourite pick among the users.

It has its headquarter in Houston, Texas. Hostgator hosts over 10 million domains. With a team of over 850 professionals, Hostgator offers an amazing customer care support system.

Overview of Hostgator

  • Uptime: Hostgator offers an uptime of 99.95%
  • Speed:  The website loading speed is about 707 ms
  • Apps: It supports more than 75 apps
  • Features: Single email account, unmetered bandwidth and storage, free domain for the first year, SSL certificate, and much more
  • Site transfer: Hostgator offers free site transfer
  • Support: It offers round the clock live chat support
  • Pricing: It starts at $2.75 every month

Hostgator v/s other renowned web hosting services

If you have a shoestring budget, then you should definitely try Hostgator. It enables you to start hosting your website at $2.75 every month. Besides, Hostgator has a remarkable customer support system. Also, your website remains secure because of SSL certification.

Who should use Hostgator?

If you are an entry-level beginner, and looking for a low barrier entry hosting service, then Hostgator has to be your ultimate choice. It falls well within the budget and is quite easy and straightforward to use.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of this amazing web host service company!

Types of hosting services offered by Hostgator

  • Web hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • VPS hosting

Advantages of using Hostgator:

  • Hostgator has a stable uptime of 99.95%: You can witness amazing 99.95% uptime with Hostgator. Users have experienced a downtime of about half an hour in the last year. In case the uptime goes below 99.90%, you can get one month’s credit to your account. All you need to do is to reach out to the customer care team and request the credit. You will have to submit a support ticket for the same.
  • Its support system is also impressive: Hostgator offers a remarkable support system to the users. It has amazing facilities such as email, live chat support, knowledge base, phone, etc. They have knowledgeable customer care executives who can offer crisp, knowledgeable, and easy-to-understand answers.
  • Hostgator has a decent web page loading speed: In the last year, Hostgator has offered a decent website loading speed worth 707 ms. Website loading speed affects the visitor’s experience to a great extent. No one wants to stay on a page that takes an eternity to get loaded. Hence, Hostgator can be a smart choice if your present web host is giving you nightmares with low speed.
  • It offers site security features: Hostgator has a few remarkable website security features. With its help, you can add the SiteLock monitoring feature to your business website. This service works on a daily basis to keep an eye on any kind of loopholes or breaches. Hostgator also comes with a feature called Spam Assassin, which prevents spam from occupying your email inbox.
  • Hostgator offers a 45-days money-back guarantee: The web hosting industry generally offers a 30 days refund policy. But Hostgator has challenged this norm and offers 45 days trial offer. Users can try the web hosting service for over a month and then cancel the plan in case he comes across something unfavorable. Hostgator offers this 45-days money-back guarantee on all the packages, resellers, etc.
  • It is extremely user-friendly: If you are a beginner or have very little experience as a webmaster, then this web host company can be the best choice for you. You can make the most out of walkthroughs, tutorials, and much more to tackle the web hosting operations.
  • Hostgator offers a free site and cPanel migration facility: Hostgator enables you to transfer site files, scripts, databases, etc., within the first 30 days of signing up.

Drawbacks of using Hostgator

  • Hidden fees for backups, malware, and Gmail: If you want additional features other than the basic plan of Hostgator, then you need to pay extra charges for unlocking more features such as Gmail access, SiteLock monitoring, SEO tools, etc. You will come to know about the hidden charges only when you try checking out from the billing section.
  • Pricing tricks: Hostgator uses two of the most popular industry-based pricing tricks. They advertise a low rate of $2.75 every month. But to keep the rate this low, you need to commit to this service for three straight years. If you are unwilling to stay with this brand for such a long time, then you have to pay $10.95 every month.

Also, its renewal charges are quite high. After three years, you need to pay $6.95 every month, which is quite high.

A Gist of Hostgator web hosting services

  • Payment methods: PayPal and Credit cards
  • Domain: Yes, available for the first year
  • Signup process: Easy, swift, and convenient
  • Upsells: Multiple upsells
  • Account activation: It may take 24 to 48 hours to get activated
  • Money-back policy: It offers 45 days money back policy
  • App and CMS installation: Hostgator allows easy installation of various apps and CMS using QuickInstall.
  • Control panel and dashboard: cPanel

Our verdict

If you are wondering about our verdict, then here it is. We recommend using Hostgator if you are looking for a web host company that offers decent webpage loading speed at an affordable price range. Although you stay stuck with it for the rest of the three years, yet you will reap multiple benefits in those three years. For instance, the security features offered by Hostgator are much better than others in the given price range. Also, free site transfer and exemplary uptime are features that make it an intelligent choice for users.

It is a robust and user-friendly web hosting company and is a great option for first-timers. Users can enjoy choice-rich options as well as rely on its top-notch services. Free domain registration and SSL certification are the two biggest motivations for users to opt for Hostgator.

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